About Us

Who We Are

Constellation Technologies, Inc provides Cyber engineers, integrators, administrators and Experts that have the right blending of experiences and multi-spectral knowledge which is practically applied to build the trust to “fix what needs fixing”.

CTI’s Breadth of Expertise

  • Conceptualizing Ideas - that fit our customers’ complex, and evolving cyber, technology and business needs.
  • Show – Agile, timely, practical technical solutions that answers your needs.
  • Scale – Experience to integrate and transition from small prototypes & quick reaction capabilities to scaled solutions through the application of certified professionals, industry standards and tailored processes.
  • Sustain – knowledge and understanding to support your day to day business operations, while providing feedback and identifying where your investments lies ahead.


  • Systems Development - System Engineers, Software Engineering, Knowledge Scientist
  • Systems Operation & Sustainment - Systems, Network & Data Administration, Trainers and Testers
  • Cloud Computing - Development, Development and Sustainment
  • Cyber Security and Intelligence - Tradecraft Development, Users, SMEs and Mission Managers, SIGINT, OSINT and Cyber Professional


Sun Certified Java Programmers, Cloudera Hadoop Certified Developers, Oracle OCA/OCP, EC-Council Certified Ethical Hackers, CompTIA Security+, Scrum Masters

Core Values & Principles

  • Integrity – Steadfast adherence to doing what is Right and Professional Courtesies forwarded to our employees, partners and customers.
  • Honesty – “Do in the Dark what you would in the Light” a profound NCO said many times. Our company values an individual’s ability be open, candid and forthcoming.
  • Communication – Through open communication, expectation and desires can be met and exceeded.
  • Drive and Continuous Professional Advancement – We embrace entrepreneurial spirit, as a company. Our desire and intent is to foster and mentor the next technical, industry leaders & owners.